X-ray Inspection / 100100B X-ray Inspection System

100100B-DV X-ray Inspection System

The versatile 100100B-DV is designed to screen for weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband in objects that vary in size from hefty to hand-carried. Accommodating everything from large boxes, hold baggage, bulk deliveries and irregularly-shaped items to mail bins, strollers and briefcases, the 100100B-DV direct transmission, dual-view system displays two separate, perpendicular X-ray images to provide a complete inspection in a single scan.

  • Built to inspect cargo, freight and oversized objects

  • Heavy-duty conveyor never needs adjusting

  • Multi-energy color marking highlights organic, inorganic and composite materials

  • Perpendicular X-ray images enhance views of potential threats

Aperture size (W x H):
100.0 x 100.0 cm
39.4 x 39.4 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
317.0 x 163.0 x 194.0 cm
124.8 x 64.2 x 76.4 in.

950 kg
2,100 lbs.

100100B-DV X-ray Inspection System
100100B-DV X-ray Inspection System

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