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Metal Detection  / MZ8 Multizone Portal

MZ8 Multizone Portal

The MZ8 multizone portal detects the complete range of metal weapons, bomb components and other threats. This unit employs eight separate horizontal zones; a vertical zone LED light bar indicates the presence of metal targets concealed within the horizontal zones.

Individual zone adjustments reduce false alarms on personal items like keychains, coins, buckles, shoe shanks and large jewelry. Powerful software optimizes detection and reliability. With extremely low false alarm rates, the MZ8 maximizes traffic flow.

  • Detects the smallest, thinnest weapons

  • Eight distinct horizontal zones for accurate, automatic threat location

  • 100 fully programmable sensitivity settings

Passageway clearance (W x H):
71.0 x 201.9 cm
28.0 x 79.5 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
61.0 x 89.0 x 221.0 cm
24.0 x 35.0 x 87.0 in.

64 kg
141 lbs.


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