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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement




Our proven technologies are used to spot concealed threats and banned substances at military installations worldwide, including:

  • IED, roadside and vehicle bombs

  • Liquid, powder and bulk explosives

  • Metal, ceramic and composite weapons

  • Narcotics and other contraband

Customs and Borders

These robust cargo X-ray systems give operators a significant advantage when searching for threats concealed in break bulk, vehicles or air cargo. Autoclear provides nondestructive screening solutions for:

  • Manifest verification and regulatory compliance

  • Contraband trafficking

  • Threat detection and loss prevention

VIP/Event Security

Our distinct approach to high-risk security is guided by an informed understanding of complex environments and assets, and our technologies are accessible to security professionals at all experience levels when screening for:

  • Homemade, liquid and powder explosives

  • Currency and jewels

  • Metal, ceramic and composite weapons


Our checkpoint technologies are in use at airports and passenger terminals around the world; port authorities choose Autoclear for user-friendly solutions that help them meet complex security needs and performance requirements, including:

  • TSA Air Cargo Screening Qualified systems

  • X-ray screening systems for hand-carried items, baggage and cargo

  • Trace explosives and narcotics detection

  • People screening

Mail and Shipping

Our extensive range of compact, ultra-compact and mid-sized X-ray inspection systems cover the full range of mail and package screening applications and throughput requirements. Technologies include:

  • Conventional direct transmission X-ray

  • Multi-energy backscatter

  • Magnified X-ray

  • Explosives and narcotics trace detection

Law Enforcement

In addition to screening visitors and deliveries for concealed weapons, drugs and explosives, Autoclear solutions assist peace officers when gathering evidence needed to justify physical searches without violating privacy, and ensure safe, noninvasive security screening with these technologies:

  • X-ray screening systems for mail, parcels, deliveries and hand-carried items

  • Handheld, desktop and mobile trace explosives and narcotics detection systems

  • People screening solutions


At local, state and provincial agencies and federal institutions of every size, Autoclear supports operational aims with robust, efficient and intuitive solutions for:

  • Noninvasive personnel, resident and visitor screening

  • Mail, delivery and cargo inspection

  • Loss prevention


From mail and delivery screening to checkpoint inspection, Autoclear systems offer the superior detection capability, flexibility and user-friendliness that government agencies demand. Our technologies are ideal for

  • Noninvasive entry and exit inspection

  • Delivery and cargo inspection

  • Mail screening

Critical Infrastructure

From high-throughput checkpoint X-ray systems to highly sensitive trace explosives detection, we provide the technology and expertise to secure the most desirable terrorist targets, including:

  • Nuclear power plants and other utilities

  • Water supplies

  • Critical manufacturing plants

First Responders

Our innovative portable X-ray and trace detection solutions enable first responders to act quickly and with certainty in the most perilous environments. Our technologies are used to detect:

  • IEDs and explosives

  • Hazardous chemicals and corrosives

  • Methamphetamines, heroin and cannabis


Schools depend on Autoclear X-ray inspection and metal detection systems to enhance security at facilities of every size. Our solutions are used to help eliminate:

  • Guns, knives and other weapons

  • Drugs and contraband

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