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Metal Detection

Security Screening Solutions For All Types of Threats
Autoclear specializes in the design, manufacture and support of advanced security systems and equipment. Our extensive solutions include conventional, backscatter and multi-energy X-ray inspection systems, explosives and narcotics trace detection equipment, and metal and composite weapons detection systems.
Direct Transmission X-ray
Autoclear’s direct transmission X-ray inspection systems are user-friendly and feature-rich. With a range of tunnel sizes, conveyor speeds, capacities and footprints, there is an Autoclear X-ray screening solution for every application.
Our X-ray scanners are reliable, accurate and easy to operate, and deliver consistent performance. Our exclusive image enhancement tools give operators the ideal amount of information needed to make clear and timely decisions.
Cross-Enhanced Backscatter
Our breakthrough backscatter design uses a single X-ray generator to produce a transmission and backscatter image during one scan. The best data from both images are processed by our patented cross-enhancement software; the operator sees both enhanced images on one display. Threats and contraband, most often organic material, are easier to identify, facilitating faster and more confident decision making.
Our singular approach to backscatter makes it easier to find concealed military-grade, homemade, powdered and liquid explosives, IEDs, ceramic and composite weapons, diamonds, currency, banned organic matter and drugs.
Specialty X-ray
These high-resolution, high-magnification X-ray scanners are built for detecting difficult to find substances such as powders and fine wires.
Trace Detection
The Scintrex Trace division of Autoclear is known throughout the industry as a pioneer in substance trace detection. The comprehensive line of Scintrex high-performance desktop and handheld units bring laboratory precision to the facility or field with exceptional sensitivity, selectivity and user-friendliness.
Metal Detection
Through our Fed-Labs division we produce a full line of portal and handheld metal detection checkpoint equipment. Portal metal detectors are designed to provide uniform detection while handling demanding throughput requirements. Our lightweight, durable handheld models deliver solid performance with extremely low false alarm rates.
TSA Air Cargo Screening Qualified Systems
These X-ray inspection systems are used to screen cargo for the most dangerous organic and inorganic threats, including explosives, metal and composite weapons and narcotics. Multi-energy color allows operators to quickly spot areas of concern in the most thickly packed parcels, bulk loads and baggage.
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