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Solutions for complex demands

From design to deployment and lifecycle maintenance, Autoclear products and systems meet the toughest real-world demands. Our conventional and backscatter X-ray technologies bring best-in-class penetration and state-of-the-art image analysis to frontline professionals tasked with locating and eliminating the most insidious emerging threats. With a 75-year legacy of technological achievement, Autoclear combines proven detection expertise with forward-thinking designs for exceptional all-around performance.


Curbing illicit substances

Our multi-energy X-ray technology differentiates organic and inorganic substances, highlighting suspicious materials in color. Our highly sensitive, yet rugged trace narcotics detectors pinpoint drugs in microscopic amounts.

Trace units screen for:

  • Methamphetamines and related compounds

  • Opiates, cannabis and THC compounds

  • Dirty street drugs


Exposing common dangers

From guns and knives to razor blades hidden in densely-packed hand-carried luggage to bulk weapons buried in cargo, there is a solution that will enable screeners to find and eliminate these pervasive threats.

Screen for weapons in:

  • Parcels, break bulk and cargo

  • Purses, backpacks and briefcases

  • Strollers, musical instrument cases and sports equipment bags


Detecting lethal substances

Whether scanning items with our multi-energy or backscatter X-ray systems or swiping objects with trace equipment, the results are rapid, accurate and dependable. Our expansive selection of X-ray systems and desktop and handheld trace explosives equipment offers superior detection in a range of footprints and capacities.

Our technologies screen for:

  • Improvised and homemade explosives

  • Bulk, liquid and sheet explosives

  • Military, commercial and plastic compounds


Stemming the flow of illegal commerce

Agencies worldwide use Autoclear systems to find and curtail illegal inventory movement at border crossings, in prisons, in commercial enterprises and in countless other environments where the opportunity for theft or fraud exists.

Autoclear systems help locate:

  • Prohibited organic matter, such as narcotics or produce

  • Cellphones, SIM cards, computer chips and components

  • Currency, gems and jewels

Advancing Threat Detection

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