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First Responder

Safeguarding the Front Lines

First responders take on life’s most difficult and dangerous situations. Autoclear enhances their security with innovative trace explosives and narcotics detection solutions that bring laboratory-grade technologies to the field. Our pioneering desktop and lightweight handheld units identify potentially lethal compounds in seconds. Our portable magnified X-ray solutions deliver extraordinary images of hidden dangers, enabling first responders to act quickly and with certainty in the most perilous environments.

Our technologies are used to detect:

  • IEDs

  • Explosives

  • Hazardous chemicals and corrosives

  • Methamphetamines and their components

  • Heroin and cannabis

first responder
Suggested for First Responder
N2200 Trace Detector

EN3300 Trace Detector


E3500 Trace Detector


E5000 Trace Detector

EVD-3000++ Trace Detector


E3500+ Trace


N2200 BM Trace Detector


EN3300 Trace Detector

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