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Backscatter X-ray

The cross-enhancement difference

Our unique multi-energy backscatter design uses a single X-ray generator to produce a precise, pixel-by-pixel overlay of a transmission and a backscatter during a single scan; the best data from both images are processed by our proprietary cross-enhancement software. Both enhanced images appear on a single monitor display. Threats and contraband are shown in bright color to make areas of concern easier to identify, which facilitates faster and more confident decision-making the Autoclear approach to backscatter delivers:

  • A simpler design for better performance

  • Easier image analysis

  • Better ergonomics for increased operator comfort and confidence

All Autoclear backscatter systems are equipped with a full suite of image enhancement tools to give operators every possible advantage when scrutinizing objects for threats.

Backscatter X-ray
Suggested for X-ray Inspection

6444BZD Multi-energy Backscatter

8880BZD Multi-energy Backscatter

8880BZD Multi-energy Backscatter

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