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9000C Portal

The 9000C packs all the features and functions of the 9000P metal detection portal in a slender column configuration. Our patented multiple-paired antenna coils marginalize false alarms on personal items, providing optimal detection and maximum reliability. Sensitivity range settings are selectable from 0 to 99 for accurate target detection, and digital signal processing circuitry eliminates spikes, noise, and two-way radio interference.

  • Patented multiple-paired antenna coils decrease false alarms

  • Withstands heavy local RFI

  • Remote alarm relay and data output connectors

  • Cable-free installation

Passageway clearance (W x H):
76.0 x 206.0 cm
30.0 x 81.0 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
22.0 x 119.0 x 229.0 cm
9.0 x 47.0 x 90.0 in.

23 kg
50 lbs.

9000C Portal
9000C Portal

8000P Portal

8091P Portal

8091P Portal

6040-DV Dual-View

9000C Portal

9000C Portal


9000P Portal

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